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What you need to know about Jordan Work Visa and Employment.

Jordan Employment Visa enables you to work and live in Jordan, the avalibility of the employement varies depending on the employment company issuing the employment.

According to article 12 of the Jordanian Labor Law; any non-Jordanian worker might not be employed except by the approval of the Minister or whom he authorizes provided that: 1 - The work shall entail an experience and qualification not available in the Jordanian workers. 2 - Or that the number of the qualified Jordanian workers does not meet the need, the priority shall be given to the Arab experts, technicians, and workers.

The Authority Who Gives the Work Permit in Jordan The non-Jordanian worker shall obtain an employment permit from the Minister or whom he authorizes before his/her engagement. According to the decision of the Minister of Labor Ministry the Closed Professions List in Jordan are as follows:

* Medical professions * Engineering professions * Administrative and accounting professions * Clerical work including typing and secretarial work * Switchboards, telephones and connections works * Warehouses works * Sales works, including all groups * Haircutting works (coiffeur) * Decoration works * Teaching professions, including all specialties except for the rare ones when there is no Jordanian available * Fuel selling in main cities * Electricity professions * Mechanical and car repair professions * Drivers * Guards and servants *** Agricultural Researchers.

"The term of the permit shall not exceed one year renewable. Upon renewal, the term of the employment permit shall be calculated from the expiry date of the last employment permit he has obtained".

The Ministry shall receive a fee from the employer in return for the employment permit that it issues or renews for each non-Jordanian worker including the excluded workers , this fee shall be considered as a revenue to the treasury, that according to the Regulation of Employment Permits Fees for Non- Jordanian Workers. A fee for issuing or the renewal of an employment permit for a full or part of a year shall be collected from the employer.

Upon getting the approval, the employer or his representative shall refer to the concerned directorate of labor; for further verification of the application and completion of procedures of getting the permits, the following steps shall be followed:

A) Submitting the following documents: 1. Copy of a valid vocational license of the establishment. 2. Two copies of the work contract. 3. Two personal photos of the worker. 4. Copy of a minimum of one year valid passport of the worker. 5. A medical check-up conducted by a medical center approved by the Ministry of Health. 6. Approval of the Ministry of the Interior on granting annual residence permission to the worker whose stay in Jordan entails permission. 7. Other documents that the Ministry may require or forms it may demand filling in, in accordance with the case. 8. A certificate issued by the Social Security Corporation attesting that all workers for the employer are duly subscribed. B) For the purpose of verifying the application, the Ministry shall collect fees. C) The accreditation card of an establishment representative is issued by the Ministry pursuant to an application forwarded by the employer, enclosed with s certificate of non-conviction of the representative.

"After getting the approval of the Minister or whom he authorizes, a non-Jordanian worker's permit is issued in accordance with the appropriate form that shall include the following: A) Name of the worker; as written in his/her passport, his/her nationality and the occupation in which he/she is permitted to work. B) Name of the employer and his/her establishment in which the worker intends to work. C) The permit's effective and expiry dates. D) Number and date of the receipts. E) Signature and stamp of the director of the concerned directorate of labor."

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Mrs Choice Okorie April 08, 2019 At 1:35 AM

Am interested please

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Me too. But seriously is the 800k for real?

Uchenna Ugboma April 02, 2019 At 1:28 AM

Wow, this is too good to be true, but i will try my luck sha.

Papa Ejima April 08, 2019 At 2:33 PM

Can i do for i and my wife, and if so can our kids travel with us?.


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