Earn N800,000 Naira Salary every Month working in Jordan.

You can comfortably work in Jordan and earn over 500k as salary every month. Casino Travel Club is the only company in Nigeria that the Jordan Country has recognized as a recruitment Agency they can trust. Our previous Clients have traveled successfully and is now working. You too can, Click the image to read more.


Why you need Canada Work Permit of 3-4Years to avoid Immigration Hassles..

Canada Work Permit enables you to live and work in Canada, free of immigration hassles. With this Work Permit, you can bring your family over to join you in Canada after working for a year. With Canada work permit you can travel without visa to United States of America during your annual leave.


The best flights to fly with and still save lots of discount.

Casino Travel Club offers clients cheapest flights with relaxing and accomodating flying experience. Imagine boarding a First Class and realize you paid cheap while others in the same flight paid higher yet enjoy the same comfort with them.

Buy or Rent a house in Canada and enjoy living as a Canadaian.

Even in your little imaginations, you never believed it could be possible to acquire a house in Canada, ranging from Condo, Pent House, Bungalow to Duplex with an affordable price. This also enables you to process a temporary residence permit to Permanent Residence Permit.

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